Getting that wicked handle takes practice. You'll needed to spend some time alone working on your game to develop those soft hands and more importantly, "quick feet".

Build your handle one move at a time. Use your imagination to work out the setup. Then get the rhythm down practicing by yourself. After you can execute the move twenty (20) times in a row consistently by yourself, it's time to workout the last few details on live defender.

Start slow, with a single dribble move. Then work our way up to combinations.
It's fun, and a great workout.

Combo Move

Notice the ball is below the player's knees while executing his move. Staying low by keeping a wide stance and bending your knees is key to being able to change direction and become a good ball handler.

Damian Lillard Dribble Workout

Notice the speed change on all change of hand moves. There are not exaggerated movements; no explosions of power that beat up the basketball. Just smooth and dynamic changes of hand speed and body position. Ball handling takes work, but it pays off in adding real confidence to your game. Being able to get to the spots of the floor that are your strengths will make you a much better basketball player and leader.

Ball Handling Camp

Note how the skill level builds slowly over the course of the workout. Too many inexperienced athletes neglect the small things that are the foundation of your overall goal. Wheather it is shooting the basketball, passing, defense or ball handling, the key to building skill in your workout is mastering those 3 tiny fundamental tools; "Body Position, Good Mechanics & Repetition".